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January 7
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Chapter 1

    Sitting under a tree in the shade a young girl of around 10 years old sat alone, the playground of buzzing with life; energy and joy. She looked up and watched her fellow schoolmate run and play together, but she sat alone apart from the rest, her skirt and brown hair blew gently in the wind. The leaves above her head ruffled in the wind making soft scratching sounds, the laughter of some girls caught her attention. She turned her head to see them staring at her and when seeing her looking at them, they turned and silenced; but even with turned faces she could see them snickering. She blushed and covered her face with her hair, reading the book again; she read that seemed to be her escape. It wasn't unusual for her to sit alone, it was the same routine everyday. She sat alone at lunch, in class she picked the back of the room; in gym and recess she played alone and was last to picked on a team. She thought her life was of the average freak of the school TV shows she watched on weekends. She had no friends, no one ever payed any attention to her unless they needed something. For example, answers for homework, answers for a question asked by the teacher, a pencil or piece of paper. Not once had she been complemented, not once had she been asked to play a game or sleep over, not even asked to a birthday party. 

    She felt a shadow block the light of the sun, she looked up through strands of loose hair to see a young girl around her age smiling at her. Blonde hair and blue eyes, she had seen this girl around school many times. She felt nervous, but the girl showed no signs of being mean or a bully like the others. She just smiled, and finally she spoke up.

"Hi, I'm Kaitlyn! "She said smiling wide, she smiled back nervously and whispered back a reply.

"Hi, I'm Kate "she whispered unsure of whether it was a trick or not, having been bullied so much through school. But Kate recognized Kaitlyn, she came to the school in first grade, she was always shy and quiet; she never really talked to anyone. 

"I saw you over here by yourself and wondered if you wanted to play with me and my friends? "She asked, pointing over to a boy and girl standing by the swings laughing and playfully shoving each other. Kate smiled and closed her book, she stood up and felt welcomed after all those years of playing alone and being laughed at, she finally had someone ask her to play.

"Ok..are you sure it's ok with them? "She asked, Kaitlyn waved her hand.

"Of course they are, they love playing with people! "She giggled, "come on! "She motioned for her to follow, she nervously followed her to the other two kids. They smiled and welcomed her to play a game of I spy. "This is Tyler, and this is Rihanna "Kaitlyn said, introducing Kate to her friends.

"Hi..I'm Kate "She replied nervously, Tyler poked her in the shoulder. 

"Your it! "Then he high-tailed it through the playground, Rihanna laughed and ran shouting playful taunts over her shoulder.

"Huh- "Kaitlyn said with a huff, "I thought we were playing I spy…oh well; guess your it! "She noticed the book Kate was holding, "do you want me to hang onto that for you while you run around? "She asked, Kate was unsure.

"I don't know, I wouldn't want you to be stuck carrying it around "she said.

"I have a book bag over by another friend of mine "she pointed over to the doors of the school, there was a girl and three boys over there talking, another girl ran up and began laughing at a boy who had a caterpillar on his shoulder. She reached out her hand, Kate gave her the book, "now you gotta catch us! "Then she ran, put the book in her bag and ran with Tyler and Rihanna.

Kate laughed and ran after them, they ran and even attempted to climb the tree but failed, they laughed and ran around with wide smiles on their faces. Tyler was the first to get tagged and have to chase them, then it was Kaitlyn, and then just when Rihanna was tagged the bell rang for recess to be over.

"Oooo, I'll get you next time for sure! "Kaitlyn vowed to Rihanna who laughed.

"I'd like to see you try "She taunted.

"It's on! "Kaitlyn said, Kate laughed along with Tyler who was trying to copy breakdancing moves but failed miserably, but they all joined in; because that's what friends do. Kaitlyn handed Kate's book back to her, and recognized the title. "Oh I read that book, have you read the other ones yet? "She asked.

"No, the school library doesn't have any of the rest of the series, they only have the first three and the seventh one "she said, Kaitlyn smirked.

"I have the entire series, if you want to borrow any of them feel free to ask! "She said cheerfully, Kate smiled thankfully.

"Thanks "she said, they walked down the halls and had to separate being in different classes. Kate couldn't wait until the end of the day, she rode the same bus as Kaitlyn so she would be able to chat with her, she had never even considered sitting next to her on the bus; she had only seen her in the halls, lunch, and the bus. Soon the bell of the final hour of school rang and all the kids were dismissed; she gathered her backpacks and walked down towards the doors that the bus riders exited out of, which was the front doors. The loaded onto the bus and she sat down in her usual seat, not long after did Kaitlyn board the bus. She spotted Kate and sat down beside her showing her a caterpillar that she caught, that boy who had it on his shoulder brought it into school and kept it; then he gave it to her. They laughed and shared stories, some funny, and some scary; she realized they both had a lot in common. 

Kate knew this was the start of an awesome friendship, and she was happy to finally have a friend that was nice and not one who used her like the other friend she had. She had only had one friend at the school and she was mean; only used her for rides to school, homework, and groups, and just to get good grades. But it turned out that that friend was spreading rumors about her behind her back, but she didn't sense that about Kaitlyn. Which was a good feeling to have.
This is the first chapter, xXRavenwoodXx is Kaitlyn, she gave me permission to place her real name in the story! :)

This story is about my life from elementary school to high school, and the crazy adventures I had with my friends! :D
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DreamDrifter91 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow that first paragraph accurately describes what school life was like for me too.
The books.. is it Harry Potter?
North-Face Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really! School was rough for me, and then I met Raven ^^ And yes, they are the Harry Potter books :)
DreamDrifter91 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep! :la: School was rough for me until like half way through high school when I started to make friends in elective classes like art, music and (i forget the name) animal/nature related things. Then I had three small groups of buddies to drift between. Hence the Drifter part of my username :squee:    
:) I still haven't read the last one all the way through yet. I DUN WANT IT TO BE OVERRR :nuu: :nuu:
North-Face Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same here, I got into art and joined the art classes and made more friends, and then sadly Raven moved houses and had to go to another school :( But we still keep in contact :D

:squee: I know how you feel, I still haven't read all the books and I've been borrowing and checking them out for years and still haven't gotten around to finishing them :la:
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